Selected projects on and off shore

Our references

Our long-standing national and international customers in the business ship fittings are renowned shipyards, shipping companies and private mega-yacht owners. Customers who purchase fittings from us either for high-traffic areas: for example, in government agencies, commercial buildings, hotels and hospitals or environments with a distinguished ambiente e.g. in private homes or representative surroundings. A wide range of mechanical and electronic security technology for use on land and at sea completes our assortment. We also undertake the delivery and installation of metal construction e.g. handrails, railings, paneling, doors / door drives and arrester.

Discretion is an important part of our business relationships with our customers. Therefore we refrain from mentioning any specific projects and customers by name.

The following overview gives excerpts of a variety of projects to present our capability and competence in the areas of our expertise.

Stainless steel construction on 120m+ megayachts

Custom-made stainless steel door fittings, stainless steel shelves in the owner's area and stainless steel special constructions in representative areas.

Challenge: Installation of mirror-polished V2A stainless steel plates with minimal tolerance at the abutting edges.

Burglary protection in private estates

Measuring and installation of burglar-proof fittings. Subtle but effective retrofitting of old windows and doors with mechanical elements.

Challenge: securing oversized windows up to 3m with a telescopic pole.

Individually planned locking system for private residences

Planning and installation of individually configured mechatronic locking system with online authorization system. Special surfaces of the cylinders and fittings, special keys, custom-made signage etc.

Challenge: Subsequent changes and enhancements of one master-key-system to several locations situated in great distance from each other.

Custom Door furniture for private residence in France / Peru

Development and manufacture of custom door and furniture hardware with genuine gold-plated special surfaces.

Challenge: coating the products with exact gold tone, corresponding to the given fittings.

Individually manufactured door fittings to 133m + megayachts

Custom-made door fittings for the owner's and VIP area, rosettes custom-made as part of a glass fiber lighting system, locking system, various seawater suitable door and furniture fittings, locks.

Challenge: Special production from unusual combination of materials and high functional requirements such as fire resistance.

Mechatronic mega locking systems in commercial buildings

Planning, supply and installation of mechatronic locking system with a volume of each minimum 700 cylinders. Provision of facility management services.

Challenge: planning the allocation of access rights in a complex environment. Replacement of existing and installation of new lock system in a limited time slot.

Fittings according to international standards on frigates, world wide

Locking system, div. door and furniture fittings, door locks according to German quality standards and international standards. Seawater proofed and corrosion-resistant.

Challenge: obtaining high quality fittings in international standards.

Anti-panic and escape route technology on cruise ships

Assembly of doors throughout the vessel with anti-panic and fire door solutions according to international specifications.

Challenge: adapting the existing hardware on the door dimensions and the high demands on torsional stiffness.

Fittings for doors landmarked 5-star hotels

Planning and installation of mechatronic locking systems for the guest and back office area. Doors equipped with authentical door and window hardware.

Challenge: mounting of the fittings to the original and landmarked doors.

Access control for public Insitution for people in need

Planning, delivery and assembly of a locking system. Training of IT-personnel.

Challenge: Frequent loss of acess cards. Regular programming of access authorizations under cost minimization.

Metalwork for oil rigs

Production of a V4A stainless steel door lock hook of about 15VM height, mirror polished. Manufactured from one piece.

Challenge: processing a massive V4A metal block in given size without corroding surfaces for corrosion caused by salt water, air and adverse climatic conditions.

Facility management in hospitals

Facility management with fittings for doors, emergency exits, edge protection, locking systems and spare parts supply, etc.

Chanllenge: Timely and reliable supply of all spare parts to keep impediment to the ongoing operation of the facility as low as possible.

Facility management on cruise ships, ferries and yachts

Receiving the spare parts demand and supply of ships and yachts in the dock with necessary spare parts.

Challenge: procurement and supply of spare parts on short-time-notice in a very limited time slot. Sourcing original spare fittings.

Main entrance door solution for hospitals

Construction, supply and installation of a canopy for the main entrance, supply and installation of various smoke control doors with arrester or electronic actuation.

Challeng: Reconstruction of the existing doors in a restricted time slot during ongoing business.