Door fittings

High-quality fittings of renowned manufacturers

Fittings for doors, windows etc.

We offer door fittings of leading brands, quality products from manufacturers, small and medium family operated companies from Germany but also in international well known brands. If you are looking for something special, we are your place to contact.

Our products range from understated and classy in antique, nostalgic to modern optics. In addition to common materials and surfaces such as brass, chrome and stainless steel, etc. you will also find products with high-quality coatings of gold, silver or titanium.

We allow individualization by combining different elements and manufacturers. Special requests regarding technical requirements, use of materials and surface treatment we realized easily. Small series or individual fittings are produced in high quality for you.

The quality and the technology behind it are of course state-of-the-art and leave nothing to be desired. We carry products of manufacturer Bisshop, FSB, HEWI, Daubi, Giara, Fama, Samuel Heath, Randi, Technoline, OMP Porro, Union Knopf, Spitzer and many other brands.

We have the appropriate range for individual solutions in private and commercial buildings with high usage frequency.



Fittings are an important part of interior design. Usually are selected to fit perfectly into the style. If properly selected, they still are unobtrusive but complement the overall impression of a harmonious whole. Whether standard design or antique, fittings must always be functional. Due to our long-standing market presence and our suppliers contacts we are able to organize also fittings from international manufacturers.
In our showroom you will find both classic and unusual modern models.


Sometimes standard products do not meet the complex requirements. With our many years of expertise in the field of fittings and standards (eg escape route technology (fire and panic) enhanced hygiene, high transfer coefficients and corrosion load by humidity and salinity), we jointly develop solutions that are not only functional, durable, but also beautiful.
In shape, material and surface almost anything is possible today. We will assist you in what is technically feasible and adequate.


You have an individual idea of ​​how your future hardware will look like? We develop hardware to your liking or produce your individual line according to predefined drawings. Therefore we advise you also to feasibility.
Besides hardware we are well-versed in other types of metal productions such as figurines or wall elements in the high-end quality, we are happy to produce for you.
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